In the summer of 2001, I married my self.  In the beautiful town of Balsam, North Carolina, I bought a long white dress, a huge bundle of flowers, and a ring that I wear to this day. I stayed up all night writing a list of promises to my self, building a temporary altar at which to perform the blessed event, and decorating my cheerful, purple room at the Balsam Mountain Inn. The following night I donned my dress and, with a home-made wreath of flowers in my hair, tearfully made a commitment to honor my self, first and foremost, henceforth… (From the Introduction) Author Sara Sharpe

Dear friends,

This beloved little book, A Dress, A Ring, Promises to Self: an unconventional wedding planer for one, has officially leaped off of my personal book shelf (where it sat comfortably for nearly a decade) and out into the world. It is with great pleasure that I offer it to you now.

There are, I believe, personal reasons that this little book is suddenly enjoying life outside my immediate circle of friends. Beyond that, however, it is my belief that this book represents an idea whose time has come. This is not to imply that the idea of making a commitment to love, honor and care for oneself so that one might better love, honor and care for others is a new one; it isn’t. But ritualizing the commitment – setting the intention and concretizing it – is somewhat new to most folks and, I think, valuable.

I offer it to you with a firmly held belief that the world needs you. Not some watered down version of you, but a healthy, whole, fully expressed and passionately alive you. I encourage you, with all the passion I can muster, to celebrate and take seriously this opportunity to heal, to grow, to commit to feeling and being your best not only for yourselves, but for your children and children the world over. We can care for them effectively only when we’ve learned to care for ourselves at least as well.

Wild hope,

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